Slide Ambrela face mask for multiple use Highly efficient antibacterial face mask Ambrela is a full-featured alternative to the FFP2 respirators. It is made of a highly-permeable, hypoalergenic fabric, and contains a filter with an active silver component. Buy now Made in the European Union With active silver and high filtration efficiency up to 99% Made in the European Union Color variants


Protect yourself
and others

Surgical face mask FFP1

A typical, disposable face mask protects others in your surroundings, but does not protect you sufficiently.

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    Protects the carrier
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    Protects others
  • null

Respirator with FFP2 filter

Respirator FFP2 (KN95) protects you, but does not protect others in your surroundings.

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    Protects the carrier
  • null
    Protects others
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Ambrela face mask

It has an antibacterial effect and can be used multiple times. So it protects you and your surroundings.

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    Protects the carrier
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    Protects others
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Why Ambrela face mask?

Ambrela face mask comprises qualities such as high filtration efficiency, long durability and has strong antibacterial properties. High permeability and a good adhesion secure irreplaceable comfort.

The long lifespan of this face mask has not only a positive ecological impact, but is also economical, when compared to a typical disposable face mask.

Time periodNumber of masks needed 
Disposable face maskAmbrela face mask
20 days201
60 days603
100 days1005


Ambrela properties

High filtration efficiency

The antibacterial filter embedded in the mask retains 99% of all particles, which places this product in the FFP2 filter efficiency class. For comparison: a cotton mask filters 40% of particles and a disposable surgical mask filters 80-85%.

Contains active silver

Antibacterial properties of the mask are secured by active silver compounds added to the fabric fiber. The silver ions are activated by humidity (breathing through the mask), so the retained particles (bacteria) are immediately either destroyed or paralyzed.


Ambrela face mask is washable and reusable until mechanically damaged (lasts approximatelly 20 days). Washing does not impact its antibacterial properties, nor the filtration efficiency, as long as the individual layers remain undamaged. More information.

Does not irritate skin

The mask is made of a certified, medically approved material. The fabric is gentle on the skin, hydrophobic and it does not contain any irritable compounds.

High permeabilty

The material used is light, airy and does not absorb liquids, thus ensures comfortable breathing even
during the hot summer days.

Good adhesion

Thanks to the ergonomic cut in combination with a gentle wire embedded inside of the upper part, the mask adheres perfectly and gently to the shape of your face.

Slide antibacterial filter – 100% nonwoven fabric with an active silver component protective nonwoven outer layer – protects from pollution from outside protective inner layer – protects the filter from the inside


Frequently Asked

In this section we present answers for the most frequently asked questions. In case you do not find the information you are looking for here, do not hesitate to contact us via e-mail or phone.

How is the active silver component applied on the mask?

The silver compounds are not applied „on“ the mask, but they are contained in the mixture of the filtration layer fabric. This means that the silver and its antibacterial properties cannot be eliminated by washing. The silver does not sublime, and does not lose its properties after 60 washings.

How long can I use the Ambrela face mask for?

We recommend to wear the mask for maximum 1 day straight (10-12 hours). After this period you should wash the mask with soap and let it dry at room temperature over night. You can use the mask until mechanically damaged, which is approximatelly 20 days. For practical reasons, we recommend to purchase 2 masks and switch them every day. Washing does not compromise the antibacterial properties of the mask, as long as not damaged mechanically. Read more about how to properly care for the Ambrela mask here.

How many masks do I need?

Assuming you wash the mask on daily basis, 1 mask should last approximatelly 20 days. For practical reasons we recommend to purchase 2 masks so that you can switch them every day. If you take care of your masks as recommended Here. 2 masks should then last you for approximatelly 40 days.

Can I wash the mask in the washing machine?

No. The mask should only be washed by hands, at maximum temperature 40°C. The mask must not be tumble-dryed or ironed!

Is Ambrela face mask really produced in Slovakia?

Yes, the masks are made in factory of a slovak producer Valter, s.r.o., situated in eastern Slovakia, with a current production capacity of 50.000 pcs/day.

Certifications & tests

Tests performed

Tests performed

Bacterial Filtration Efficiency (BFE)

Bacterial efficacy test

Declaration of conformity and product parameters


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